FireZero Garment User Requirements

User Requirements

Safety Considerations

Flame Retardant Clothing. Please do not use if the garment is damaged.

Limitations of use

The use of garments providing protection against flash fires should be incorporated into a proper safety program that also utilizes appropriate administration and engineering controls as well as proper safe work procedures

For maximum protection, flame-resistant collars must be worn closed, and sleeves and cuffs must be worn down and secured. Other personal protective equipment(PPE) must be worn when necessary if a review of the potential hazards determines that workers are exposed according to the hazard assessment.

Marking recommendations and restrictions

Clothing may be marked with an individual’s name, department, using an indelible laundry marker. Separate laundry labels should be attached for this purpose.

DO NOT REMOVE AND DO NOT MARK on the safety or cleaning labels on any protective garments.

Warranty Information

This Flame Retardant Garment has a permanent flame retardant treatment. Follow the care requirements for laundering.

Garments must be clean and properly maintained and repaired. Garments are not warranted against neglect, abuse, normal wear tear or exposure to substances, or hazards for which the garments were not intended.


The selection of the protective clothing sizes relates directly to the garment’s ability to function properly. Garments should not be Too Loose OR TOO TIGHT so that mobility and dexterity are impeded.

Recommended storage practices

Clean and thoroughly dry all flame-resistant garments prior to storage. Do not store garments in direct sunlight or fluorescent light because exposure to ultraviolet rays cause color change or fading.

Inspection frequency and details


Donning and doffing procedures

Put on the garment and utilize proper closure. Fasten zip/Velcro or snap on the front so that the garment provides protection all the way to the neck. Sleeves and cuffs must be worn down and secured.

Proper use consistent with NFPA 2113

All flame-resistant garments used in the protection of personnel against hazards, must follow NFPA 2113 guidelines for care, use, and maintenance.

Cleaning instructions and precautions

Woven:Machine wash warm water 75C/165F. Do not bleach or use fabric softener. Tumble dry at low temperature. Do not iron.

Knits:Home wash warm water 60C/140F. Use only synthetic detergents. Do not use soap or fabric softeners. Tumble dry warm. Hot Iron. Dry clean.

Maintenance criteria and methods of repair

Garments should be inspected regularly and repaired in compliance with the guidelines as set forth in the inspection Frequency and Details (found above).

Retirement and disposal criteria

Garments should be retired when a garment has serious defects, such as open seams, broken closures, tears, or other visible damages.

Sizing Chart

The following sizing chart indicates the range of key wearer measurements that are accommodated by each specific size of garment, shroud/hood/balaclava, or glove offered.

A sizing chart suggests the correct size for the wearer based on the wearer’s measurements. Garments must not be too loose or too tight. The wearer must try the garment on for the correct fit.

PDF Printable Sizing Chart Here